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Additional Information

Name OGYoutube APK
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher vanceds Apps
MOD Features App
Version 13.6
Size 41 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4+

A new level of YouTube usage is unlocked by the innovative and potent OGYoutube APK. It’s a modified version of the original YouTube app made to give users access to more features not seen in the original. This includes using YouTube without annoying commercials, downloading videos directly to your device, and watching videos in the background.

Table Of Contents
  1. features of ogyoutube apk
  2. 1 video downloading
  3. 2 audio extraction
  4. 3 background play
  5. 4 ad free experience
  6. 5 customization
  7. 6 privacy features
  8. 7 multiple downloads
  9. 8 subtitle download
  10. 9 no root required
  11. 10 free to use
  12. how to download and install ogyoutube apk
  13. download process
  14. installation steps
  15. how to use ogyoutube apk
  16. wrapping it up
  17. faqs
  18. q1 is ogyoutube apk safe to use

The software has gained considerable reputation among YouTube fans looking for a more individualized experience thanks to its special features. In-depth information on the OGYoutube APK’s features, installation procedure, usability, and other aspects are provided in this guide.

ogyoutube apk

Features of OGYoutube APK

1. Video Downloading:

As the cornerstone of the OGYoutube APK, the video downloading functionality is truly stellar. This application lets users download videos of varying lengths and complexities directly from the YouTube platform. Whether you’re looking to save short clips for later amusement or long-form content for a more comprehensive viewing experience, OGYoutube makes it all possible. This app supports a wide range of resolutions – 144p for those who want to save on data or storage and up to 4K for video aficionados desiring high-definition content. This flexibility enables users to customize downloads based on their needs and preferences.

2. Audio Extraction:

This feature is more than just a side note; it’s a boon for audiophiles and podcast enthusiasts. OGYoutube APK allows you to convert any YouTube video into an MP3 file. This means you can strip the audio from a video and save it on your device, allowing offline listening. Whether it’s a memorable song, an inspiring speech, or an informative podcast, this feature turns OGYoutube into a convenient and versatile tool that transcends its primary video-centric use.

3. Background Play:

This is one of the most sought-after features in any YouTube mod. In the standard YouTube app, video playback stops once you switch to a different app or lock your screen. OGYoutube APK, however, supports background play, meaning you can enjoy your favourite music or podcast while browsing the internet, replying to emails, or using other applications. It transforms your YouTube app into a multi-tasking powerhouse.

4. Ad-Free Experience:

We’ve all been there – an unexpected ad pops up just as the video reaches its most interesting point. With OGYoutube APK, this annoyance becomes a thing of the past. This application offers an ad-free experience, allowing users to view content seamlessly without interruptions. You can finally bid farewell to those pesky ads and enjoy your videos peacefully!

5. Customization:

OGYoutube APK Download lets users tweak the interface according to their liking. Don’t like the default theme? Change it! Want your videos in a grid format instead of a list? You can do that too. You can alter the layout, adjust the playback speed, change the theme, and more. This feature ensures that each user gets a personalized YouTube experience.

6. Privacy Features:

In an era where online privacy is paramount, OGYoutube APK provides enhanced privacy options. Clear your search history or video playback history anytime you want. You can even use the app’s incognito mode to view videos without leaving a trace. It’s perfect when you want your video viewing to stay private.

7. Multiple Downloads:

With OGYoutube APK, there’s no need to wait for one video to finish downloading before starting another. The app supports multiple downloads simultaneously, which means you can save your favourite videos for offline viewing more efficiently.

8. Subtitle Download:

OGYoutube APK offers the option to download subtitles for those who enjoy international content. This feature allows users to understand better and enjoy content in languages they need to be fluent in. Now, you can truly explore the world through YouTube without language barriers.

9. No Root Required:

A significant advantage of the OGYoutube APK is that it does not require root access. This means you don’t need to tamper with your device’s operating system to install and use this app, making it an accessible option for users wary of the risks associated with rooting devices.

10. Free to Use:

Despite offering all these incredible features, OGYoutube APK 2024 is entirely free. No hidden costs, no in-app purchases, no premium version – just a fully featured app available at no cost. This is a testament to the app’s commitment to providing an upgraded YouTube experience to as many users as possible.

Additionally, the features offered by OGYoutube APK elevate it from just another YouTube variant to a comprehensive solution for an enriched and personalized YouTube experience. However, as with any third-party app, it’s essential to download it from a reliable source and use it responsibly, respecting the copyright rules and privacy of the original content creators.

ogyoutube apk

How to Download and Install OGYoutube APK

Download Process

Downloading OGYoutube APK is a straightforward process. However, since it’s a third-party app not available on the Google Play Store, you’ll need to download it from a trusted source. Ensure you’re downloading from a reputable website to protect your device from potential harm.

  • Navigate to the trusted site hosting the OGYoutube APK file using your device’s browser.
  • Look for the latest version of the OGYoutube APK and click on the ‘Download’ button.
  • Your device might prompt a warning about downloading APK files. Don’t worry; this is standard for any APK file downloads. Confirm to proceed with the download.

Wait for the download process to complete. The APK file will be saved in your device’s ‘Downloads’ folder or the folder you’ve set for downloads.

Installation Steps

Once you’ve downloaded the APK file, the next step is installation. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your device’s settings and navigate to the ‘Security’ or ‘Privacy’ section.
  • Look for an option that says ‘Install Apps from Unknown Sources’ or similar. Please enable it.
  • Navigate to the folder where the OG Youtube APK file is downloaded. Click on it to start the installation process.
  • Your device might prompt a confirmation message. Proceed by selecting ‘Install’.
  • Wait for the installation to finish. Once done, the OGYoutube APK app will appear in your device’s app drawer.
  • Open the app and start exploring all the features it has to offer!

Remember to download and install the OGYoutube APK from a secure source. This protects your device from potential security risks associated with downloading files from the internet.

How To Use OGYoutube APK

Using OGYoutube APK is incredibly intuitive. Once you open the app, you’ll find it strikingly similar to the original YouTube app. You can search for videos using the search bar, explore categories, view trending videos, and access your subscriptions. To download a video, click on it and select the ‘Download’ option. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to choose the video resolution or the option to download it as an MP3. Start playing a video for background play, then exit the app or turn off your screen – the audio will continue to play in the background.

Wrapping it up

In the digital age, where video content is king, OGYoutube APK offers an upgraded YouTube experience with many compelling features. Whether downloading videos for offline viewing, playing videos in the background, enjoying an ad-free experience, or customizing your viewing preferences, OGYoutube MOD APK has you covered. It’s a versatile and reliable application designed to transform your video streaming journey into a more seamless and personalized one. Remember, though, to always respect the copyrights and privacy of content creators when using this tool.


Q1: Is OGYoutube APK safe to use?

A: OGYoutube APK is safe to use, provided you download it from a trusted source.

Q2: Can I use OGYoutube APK on a non-rooted device?

A: Absolutely; YouTube APK works perfectly on non-rooted devices.

Q3: Does OGYoutube APK support HD video downloads?

A: OGYoutube APK supports video downloads up to 4K resolution.

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